Call for Nominees:

Lagos: Budding 50


I am an American photographer, storyteller, and filmmaker with an interest in exploring stories of migration, identity, and development.

To celebrate and honour 50 years of Lagos, I plan to highlight stories of  young people who have moved to the city in the hope of a better life and are not only working towards achieving their dreams but also contributing to the growth and/or development of the city. Essentially, I am interested in highlighting personal migrant stories of resilient Lagosians who daily work and contribute to the development and growth of the megacity.

Whether these individuals are entrepreneurs, aspiring business owners, students or young NGO workers, I want to share their stories to honour, recognise, and celebrate the contributions made by these diverse individuals.

Ideal candidates should be young men and women between the ages of 18-35 who live or have resided in challenging  communities.

If you or someone you know fits these requirements and has an interesting or inspiring story to share please share the following questionnaire  for the nominee to complete (If completed manually please submit responses to  Any questions and concerns please email: me at with the subject line ‘Lagos Budding 50 Nominee: First Name and Last Name’.

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I will profile and showcase these young people at various regional events and events globally, thereby elevating their profiles and projecting their voices and achievements. These profiles will take the form of photos of their work, audio and where possible videos. These pages will be dynamic and will take into account progress they may make, thereby bringing continued attention, and potential global support to their work.


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